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  • SIP DECT Wireless Multi Cell System

  • SIP DECT multi cell system

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SIP DECT Wireless Multi Cell System

The range of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) solutions from Panasonic gives customers a choice of fully featured DECT handsets to meet the needs of their business - whether you’re looking for standard office models, slim and lightweight handsets or you need something tough that can withstand being dropped on to a concrete floor or survive in dusty environments.

We also offer a 4 channel High-Definition Voice DECT Cell Station that is incredibly easy to install and supports 4 simultaneous HD voice calls.

The range is platform independent and can work with any SIP compliant service, making it easier for any business to enjoy high quality wireless communications. Networks of up to 128 cell stations and 255 handsets can be created and handover between cells is seamless, allowing you to move around within your organisation without losing touch.

To find out more about individual products in our SIP DECT Wireless Multi Cell Systems range please select from the options below. Alternatively, click on the contact us button to get in touch and discuss your particular requirements.

Superb HD voice quality and special features for noisy environments.

All our DECT handsets offer superb HD voice quality and due to our enhanced voice processing technology, call quality is sustained even at the extremes of cell coverage. Handsets also feature background noise reduction and automatic volume control, improving call quality in a range of working environments – from a busy open plan office to a noisy workshop or depot. A vibration call alert feature also means calls won’t be missed.

Plenty of talk time and hands-free options.

Our handsets come with a Ni-MH battery pack and when fully charged provide between 11 and 13 hours of talk time, giving users the flexibility to make and receive calls on the move. All handsets also include a full duplex hands-free mode with headset support and, in some cases, built-in Bluetooth for use with a wireless headset.  This makes it easier for users to multi-task while on the phone, and in the case of our tough DECT handset, operation is easy even when wearing gloves.

Storing and managing your contacts is simple.

You can store up to 500 numbers on your phone, with up to five numbers for each contact. Keeping your contacts up to date is easy - they can be edited using a simple PC interface, with changes and updates made ‘over the air’.

Free tool for easy set up of your Cell Station.

SIP DECT solutions enable you to use an existing network infrastructure to carry voice and signalling traffic to the cell stations – no extra cabling is required. It’s also simple to maintain the system remotely, using any networked PC.

We supply you with a free tool that makes our DECT Cell Station incredibly easy to install. The tool simplifies site planning for your Cell Station locations and thanks to our powerful remote administration system it’s possible for just one person to conduct a site survey and check the entire service area.

What’s more, registering and configuring your Cell Stations no longer needs to be done manually - it can be done remotely, by PC, saving your business time and money.