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    Konosuke Matsushita, Panasonic Founder - Panasonic Business Singapore

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About us

A division of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (PSSAP), Panasonic Computer Product Solutions combines its industry-leading range of Toughbook rugged mobile PCs and tablets, with its tough, but compact, high-speed mobile printers.
All Toughbook rugged mobile computers and tablets – along with the new Toughpad tablets – provide access to applications and data in the most challenging mobile environments, resulting in solutions that transform people’s working lives and their operational efficiency.
Only specially chosen components – which are selected, tested and often designed by Panasonic – go into the manufacture of a Toughbook or Toughpad.  That means every device is designed and built to overcome almost any barrier that could prevent a worker using a mobile computer: impacts, moisture, temperature, weak wireless reception, battery life, ergonomics or even screen visibility in bright sunlight. 
Computer Product Solutions helps mobile workers improve productivity with its range of Toughbook rugged notebooks, Toughpad business tablets and electronic point of sales (EPOS) systems.
The Toughbook range of mobile PCs and tablets is divided into distinct categories of ‘ruggedisation’, each created with specific industry applications in mind.

Fully rugged

The ultimate in durability and reliability, with MIL-STD 810G and IP65 compliance demonstrating they’re capable of operating in the most challenging of outdoor environments, Toughbook and Toughpad mobile PCs and tablets overcome the challenges of extreme temperatures, vibration, water, dust, shock, drop and impact.
To ensure our devices are rugged ‘from the inside out’, every fully rugged Toughbook and Toughpad is put through extremely arduous testing regimes in both our own specialist facilities and independent third-party testing labs.
Throughout the manufacturing process, Japanese engineering and compliance with the most stringent, up-to-date quality programmes ensure production standards are uncompromising and continuous development of our product range is inherent.
Of course, one of the greatest challenges faced by mobile workers is integrating the devices they need to stay productive into the vehicles they need to stay mobile. So our fully rugged Toughbook and Toughpad ranges are supported by specialist vehicle mounts, delivering the same levels of quality, reliability and durability as the mobile PCs and tablets they house. Using cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology and exceptional engineering experience, every docking solution is completely fit for purpose, no matter how bespoke.

Semi rugged

The perfect balance of rugged durability and performance. Shock and water-resistant and capable of withstanding drops from heights up to 76cm*, they’re ideal for mobile users working with mission-critical applications who value total cost of ownership.
The beauty of our semi-rugged devices lies in the fact that they utilise a lot of the technology found in our fully rugged models, whilst benefiting from the more lightweight design and premium connectivity of our business rugged range.

Business rugged

Designed to offer protection for key components such as display, hard disk and keyboard (those most frequently damaged in conventional notebooks), our business rugged models allow professionals to stay active on the move – with none of the usual concerns regarding damage or failure of their mobile PC or tablet. 
Key to the value of these devices is their ability to combine sturdiness with lightweight design. In fact, despite weighing as little as 1,690g, business rugged Toughbook mobile PCs can withstand drops from 76cm and a 100-kgf vibration test – as well as being splash proof*.
* The shock resistance, pressure resistance, and splash-proof functions are not a guarantee against damage or malfunction.