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  • Reduced TCO

It pays to think long term when it comes to mobile computing

Yes, rugged devices initially cost more than commerical and traditional consumer offerings.

But the extremely low failure rates and tailored productivity-enhancing festures of TOUGHBOOK mobile devices mean an altogether lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business.

Consider the Facts

Researach under taken by industry analyst firm IDCm shows that many organisations would significantly benefit by investing in rugged notebooks, tabets and handhelds for their workforce. Studies show that Total Cost of Ownership savings could be as much 15% over a five-year period using rugged mobile devices through reduced failure rates and extended periods of use.

The challenge is convincing IT decision makers to invest now in order to save in the long term.

What the true value of rugged?

Need more evidence to support your business case for investment in rugged devices for your workforce?