Video Insight

Panasonic Video Insight is the missing puzzle to completing your surveillance solution.

As a member of the Panasonic Group, Video Insight is a leading network video management software used by over 25,000 customers in the financial, government, retail, and transportation sectors with a very strong presence in the education market.

Video Insight provides the most comprehensive and cost effective video management software for centralized and de-centralized environments. Harnessing the capabilities of pure 64-bit system, Video Insight optimises your hardware to allow endless scalability, unlimited client workstations, simple integration with legacy systems, centralised administration, standby server and more.


Easy integration with your hardware

Video insight is engineered on an open architecture, providing support for over 3000 camera models from over 130 camera manufacturers. An open platform not only provides easy integration with your surveillance workflow, but also encourages a hassle-free migration without extensive training and instruction.

Advanced bundled VMS features

Video Insight features a single-management interface which comes pre-installed with a wide array of features at no additional costs. Enhanced surveillance features include the Video Wall, Health Monitor, Automated Failover, Active Directory LDAP, Access Control Integration and Software Development Kit (SDK). The advanced Guard Tour feature ensures operators perform scheduled security checks at stipulated times and the Rules function provides automated functions to reduce operators’ workload.

Easy operation with user-friendly interface

Designed as a multi-viewer platform, the Video Insight grants users the ability to monitor cameras remotely on various operating systems including platforms such as, Windows, Mac, Web browsers, iOS and Android. The integrated user-friendly graphics user interface makes it easy for users to operate intuitively and efficiently.

Optimised hardware allows unlimited scalability

Engineered as a pure-64 bit system, Video Insight maximises hardware capabilities resulting in increased efficiency across all system features. A key factor in hardware optimisation is Video Insight’s powerful capability to allow users up to 300 cameras per server with an unlimited number of web clients and storage size. This potentially provides users with unlimited scaling possibilities in the surveillance workflow.