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Business Analytics for transport and aviation

  • Use your space more intelligently

    How can you optimise the layout and space usage of your train station, bus station or airport? Or increase security for your passengers? What about passenger and visitor behaviour? How helpful would it be to know which are your most-visited areas or dead zones? And what about being able to guide your passengers to empty areas using your digital signage screens?

    Increase cost efficiency and service quality

    Without the need to purchase new devices, using already-installed security cameras, you can track vehicle frequency, passenger movements and occupation of carriages. You can also use visual technology to identify where greatest numbers of travellers are gathering and deploy staff to those areas, improving the on-the-ground service they receive.

    Recording and storing all of this visual information also means you have a ready-made, real-world focused library of training resources to use with your staff.

  • Improve system interoperability

    Better-connected systems mean better-served customers. With our video analytics, you can combine loitering and sound detection to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. The same applies to non-paying travellers or unauthorised access to restricted areas on your premises – access control combines with our camera technology to eliminate both.
    In terms of visitor and passenger experience, check-in and ticket machines can be monitored to ensure smooth operation, while gender and age recognition software can be used to deliver targeted content via your digital signage.

    Delivering real-time analytics

    Video intelligence gives you direct instant access to real-time information across your transport business, meaning you can monitor passenger volumes using people-counting software; assess the impact of new displays by analysing time spent viewing them; understand the demographics of your passengers using age and gender detection; and, optimise the use of your space.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

    Our business analytics technology also allows you to save money in terms of power consumption, maintenance and installation. For example, using wide angle and 360° cameras reduce the total number of cameras required to monitor your premises; and, embedded network video recorder technology means lower power consumption than a PC-based system and easy set up in five minutes.


    Alongside the video intelligence Panasonic offers, the same camera solution are capable of monitoring your facilities and premises – whether indoors or outdoors, day and night, thanks to our thermal and infra-red cameras. Add in our easy-to-install cloud-based Cameramanager remote video surveillance system and more complex managed in-house security solutions, and you have total security for every transport environment.