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Mobile computing for transport & logistics

  • Fastest services with mobile devices built for transport & logistics

    Turnaround times are critical to the logistics, aviation and rail industries. Standing aircraft, trains or trucks mean lost revenue. But with a Toughbook or Toughpad tablet, sign-offs, checks and approvals can be carried out in an instant, thanks to their ability to perform at the point of service, their easy-to-use form factors and consolidated functionality, and their connectivity in the most challenging situations.
    Previously, technical manuals and specific revisions were generally paper-based. Even if not, the limitations of technology meant that access to digitally held technical information wasn’t always available in the field. Simple things such as wireless connectivity, low temperature or bright sunlight would prevent documents being accessed.
  • Transforming the way aviation works

    For technical maintenance and repair services in hangars, quick maintenance services on the airfield or as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) – Toughbook and Toughpad devices help to optimise workflows in the air and reduce service time on the ground. Thanks to their high level of protection, Toughbook and Toughpad models have exceptionally low magnetic emission levels and rigorous safeguards against external hazards. Selected devices also have the MIL-STD 461E certification.

    Transforming the way rail and road transport works

    There can be few industries in which outdoor and mobile working presents significant challenges that match the rail and road transport sector. But then there are also few – if any – mobile devices that can match the ability of Toughbook and Toughpad to perform in such environments.

    Thanks to world-class connectivity, performance, portability and unrivalled durability, they are enabling professionals in the transport sector to achieve far more in the field than ever before. Paperwork is being rendered unnecessary. Weather conditions – it could be rain or snow, or bright sunshine – don’t hamper progress or cause unnecessary downtime. The need for multiple devices is no longer relevant and network disruption is being drastically reduced.

  • Transforming the way logistics works

    Professionals working in logistics have to deal with many challenging environments. Across many job functions there is a real demand for access to data and applications where that access has never previously been possible, such as in a warehouse, in a parcel hub or even on the road. That’s where Toughbook and Toughpad tablets come into their own.

    The rugged design of Toughbook and Toughpad mean they can withstand the often-harsh conditions found in warehouses or other stock depots. The wide range of world-class connectivity features and options means working away from central systems is never a problem – with the same applying to power sources, as Toughbooks offer shift-long battery life. And integrated features such as RFID and barcode readers, scanners and cameras make inventory recording and auditing a far more exact science.

    With a range of ergonomically designed carrying solutions and input options, stock controllers find operating their devices more comfortable and user-friendly when they’re working on their feet. Equally, thanks to specialised in-vehicle docking and power solutions, Toughbook and Toughpad devices can accompany your delivery drivers wherever they are, safely and securely.

  • Connectivity

    The integrated WLAN and optional HSPA+ module make it possible to do tasks like ordering replacement parts online without downtime – even when working on board a plane or train.


    Even our smallest machines meet the challenges of field working. Take the 10.1” Toughpad FZ-G1 Windows 8 tablet. At 1,100 grams, the unit can withstand falls from 120cm. What’s more, some of our models are up to IP65 compliant for dust and moisture resistance.

    Data Protection

    As well as password utilities, BIOS Kill, TPM and a hard drive lock, Panasonic computers come with the latest Intel® Anti-Theft Management (ATM) technology and a Computrace agent built into the BIOS, which means it can’t be disabled. Smart card reader and fingerprint readers are security options too.


    Toughbook computers have a newly designed battery and specially adapted power management system for up to 12-hour operation. Some even have dual hot-swap batteries for continuous use.