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  • Manage your labour more effectively
  • Increase productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Improve employee engagement and performance
  • Analyse workflows for process gains

Managing labour – your most valuable and potentially your most expensive warehousing and distribution asset – has traditionally been a challenging task. But ensuring that you’re getting the most from every employee, and that shifts and activities are accurately planned, can give you a serious competitive edge.

Panasonic’s labour management system, Premis, gives you the labour productivity reporting and planning capabilities you need to achieve this advantage. Via a visual dashboard, you can forecast how many people are needed to perform estimated activities - right down to the day, shift or job level. 

Improving productivity and performance

Equally, Premis allows you to assess productivity and effectiveness against individual targets, and in comparison to peers. This target-setting ability means it’s also the ideal support for discussion around individual performance and achievement.

Implementing Premis within your business can lead to increases in productivity and effectiveness, which in turn trigger reductions in your labour costs:

  • Productivity increases – typically a 10-30% increase 
  • Off-standard time reduction – typically a 10-20% reduction 
  • Better allocation of resource – removing cost rather than moving cost
  • Reduced manual administration – by automating reports and analysis 

Available in three tiers – Foundation, Lite and Discrete – Premis is unlike traditional labour management systems due to its far wider functionality capability, which allows the integration of further tools for applications such as planning, forecasting and insight.