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  • TH-80LF50

    1080p Full HD
    Professional LCD Display



1080p Full HD High Brightness 80” Professional LED LCD Display

  • Full-HD LCD display – for quality, brightness and clarity
  • Slim Design with only 89 mm Depth
  • Light weight (60 kg) design and special eye-bolt system enable ceiling-suspension for greater installation flexibility

High 700-cd/m2 brightness and 5,000:1 contrast ensure excellent, eye-catching visibility even in large public spaces. This greatly increases the promotional value for signage use.

Extremely efficient power consumption. 380 W at 700 cd/m2. 0,5 W / cd/m2.

This ultrathin design has a depth of only 89 mm. Its light weight also enables ceiling-suspension, for greater installation flexibility.

The highly durable panel allows continuous 24/7 operation. The LED backlight also saves energy for extremely efficient operation.

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